Social Management

We care about developing communities part or our surroundings.

We foster sustainable projects that enable us to take part of the growth of communities surrounding us, based on a relationship of respect and continuous dialogue. We foster a participative environment, creating opportunities so them may manager their own development.

Management approaches:


Nos unimos a este proyecto tecnológico, creado durante pandemia, por el profesor Walter Velásquez para contribuir con la educación primaria de las comunidades de Colcabamba y Andaymarca en Huancavelica.

Kipi, la maestra robot creada en Huancavelica por el profesor Walter Velásquez Godoy, fue construida con materiales reciclados ante la necesidad de que estudiantes del distrito de Colcabamba, provincia de Tacayaca, no pierdan clases debido a las medidas de distanciamiento social decretadas desde marzo de 2020.


Productive Development and Entrepreneurship

We help our neighbors near the operations to develop business and technical skills to implement their own projects.

We empower them through a range of training sessions where they learn to design business plans, identify customers’ segments, perform market analysis and develop and refine their products or services. At the end, we facilitate seed capital, equipment or resources to start up their project.


Education and Culture

Children are the future leaders of our communities and it is paramount that we contribute to their success.

We support school programs and initiatives aimed at developing skills and knowledge in science, technology, reading comprehension and development to reinforce their professional future.



Infrastructure support is needed to improve the access to basic services, such as electricity, drinking water and safe roads.

Through public-private associations with local municipalities, we provide support to improve basic infrastructure and to bring basic services that will greatly improve people’s life.



We worry to improve health indicators in our areas of influence.

In all and every one of our operations, we perform several activities to contribute with the improvement of health indicators of our areas of influence. We improve health care service and soup kitchens, in coordination with the female leaders of those grassroots organizations.


Work for Taxes

We contribute whit the social developmet by providing quality infrastructure.

We seek to provide optimal furniture, technological equipment and recreational spaces for the communities, implementing projects that generate job and supply opportunities.


Environmental Care and Education

We invest in programs that foster environmental education and that protect, improve or restore natural resources.

We foster programs to educate and inform community organizations about the existence of sources that allow the preservation and protection of endemic resources of the areas, reinforcing their identity with them.


Strategic Partners

We invest in programs meeting specific needs of the communities where we operate by cooperation with public or private, national and international organizations.

Our efforts have positively impacted many lives, which reflects our capacity to identify high-impact social commitment initiatives.

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