Health and Industrial Safety

Our priority is to maintain safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and contractors.

Therefore, we have started a corporate campaign called “Safety Leaders” a cross-cutting and of high relevance strategy to achieve and maintain excellency in keeping our people, our materials and the environment safe. We strive to consolidate a safety culture based on prevention, where each worker assumes an active role in safety management to protect their integrity, his co-workers and of every single person we interact with.

Management approaches:

Health and Safety at Work (SST) Systematic Management

We minimize and control labor risks.

We have management procedures and tools applicable to every of our business units and sectors, focused on incident prevention. An important ongoing project is the integration of the main procedures to standardize health and safety management throughout our operations.

Health and Hygiene Management

We look after our workers’ health.

We carry out thorough and specific tests to verify the health condition according to the risks in the work environment, hazards that are identified and quantified to take preventive measures and to avoid health deterioration at a long term.

Safety Leaders Program

We contribute to the strengthening of organizational culture.

Through the Health and Safety at Work program, we make our personnel show in a tangible manner their commitment through specific activities such as individual interaction, walks, meetings, supports, audits, among others.