About us

We are more than 350 professionals working to supply the country with the energy needed through innovative and sustainable power solutions.

We have 2906 MW of installed capacity that supplies 24% of the Peruvian power market thanks our three hydroelectric power stations and four thermoelectric power plants. Also, we rely on more than 700 km of power transmission lines, one processing plant and a fractionation plant to turn natural gas into hydrocarbons.

Inkia Energy Group

We are part of Inkia Energy, power group with presence in 9 Latin-American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Peru, where the headquarters are.
We manage a business portfolio of more than 5400 MW of power generation, more than 900 km of transmission lines and 1.8 million customers in power distribution, in addition to natural gas processing facilities.


  • 1958
    Ancash, start of operations of Cañón del Pato hydroelectric power station, designed by the Engineer Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo.
  • 1990
    Opening in Cajamarca of Carhuaquero hydroelectric power station, even though commercial operations started on the following year.
  • 1997
    Gas fractionation and processing plants start producing in Ucayali.
  • 1998
    Commercial operations start at Aguaytía thermoelectric power plant in Ucayali, supplied from our natural gas plants in the region.
  • 2007
    Start of operations of Kallpa thermoelectric power plant (Chilca), currently considered as the biggest in Peru.
  • 2010
    Commercial operations start in Chilca of Las Flores thermoelectric power plant.
  • 2012
    Conversion of Kallpa thermoelectric power plant into a combined cycle plant, generating 51% more power without any additional natural gas input.
  • 2016
    Start of operations in Huancavelica of Cerro del Águila hydroelectric power station, the biggest private power station built in Peru in the last 40 years.
  • 2016
    Commercial operations start in Arequipa of Puerto Bravo thermoelectric power plant, part of the Southern electrical power node.
  • 2022
    Conversión de la Central Termoeléctrica Las Flores en una planta de ciclo combinado, generando mayor producción de energía sin una demanda adicional de gas natural.