Productive Development and Entrepreneurship

We help our neighbors near the operations to develop business and technical skills to implement their own projects.

We empower them through a range of training sessions where they learn to design business plans, identify customers’ segments, perform market analysis and develop and refine their products or services. At the end, we facilitate seed capital, equipment or resources to start up their project.

Fruit Greenhouses

We encourage the production of forest species and the use of fruit growing potential.

Our “Sustainable forest and fruit production before the global climate change” program recommends the installation of greenhouses to produce forest species and to profit from the fruit potential in our zones of influence.

Successful Women

We seek to contribute to the improvement of women’s life by developing their business skills.

Since 2014, “Successful Women” project aims at empowering women through training components through sessions for those with a business idea, making them active agents of change and engines of economic development in their families.

Strengthening Cattle Raising

We strengthen the technical-productive skills of cattle farmers in the area by increasing the cattle reproduction rates.

The “Strengthening Cattle Raising” project is being implemented since 2016, relying on technical and social specialists with experience in the automated breeding of milk cows and who are continuously working to provide training and permanent technical and comprehensive support to farmers.