Education and Culture

Children are the future leaders of our communities and it is paramount that we contribute to their success.

We support school programs and initiatives aimed at developing skills and knowledge in science, technology, reading comprehension and development to reinforce their professional future.

Participación en proyectos educativos

Kipi, la pequeña robot

Nos unimos a este proyecto tecnológico creado por el profesor Walter Velásquez para llevar el programa Aprendo en Casa hacia las comunidades de Colcabamba y Andaymarca en Huancavelica. Siguiendo nuestro compromiso educativo, aportamos con infraestructura y materiales para conseguir una versión mejorada de la pequeña Kipi, a fin de lograr un mayor alcance en su recorrido.

Support to Sport Development

We are committed to the development of Peruvian sports.

Since 2015, we have been permanently supporting the Augaytia Weightlifting League, identifying the needs and supporting about 25 teenagers. This is the case of Angie Cárdenas and Eldi Paredes, who took part of Lima 2019 Pan American Games and they have been getting national and international medals.

Teachers’ Training

We strengthen the teaching abilities of the teachers.

In coordination with Local Management Units (UGEL, in Spanish) we work with specialists in teaching matters to reinforce the skills of the teachers within our areas of influence.

Promoting Reading Habits

We acknowledge the importance of reading during the school years.

We work in alliance with Public institutions, specialists in reading, among others to promote the habit of reading and to improve reading comprehension indicators in our communities.

School for Parents

We encourage the involvement of parents in the education of their families.

We work with specialists who develop workshops aimed at parents in order to involve them in their children’s development, as well as to encourage them to improve family relationships.