Infrastructure support is needed to improve the access to basic services, such as electricity, drinking water and safe roads.

Through public-private associations with local municipalities, we provide support to improve basic infrastructure and to bring basic services that will greatly improve people’s life.

Improvement of Schools

We contribute to the reinforcement of training development by improving infrastructure.

Program is aimed at improving Schools, in order to provide children and teachers with the right conditions to develop teaching and learning processes. 24 schools have been supported this year within our areas of influence.

Maintenance and improvement of access roads

Through our model of “shared social management” we cooperate with the maintenance and improvement of the district and local roadway infrastructure.

We contribute with local farmers, speeding up and revitalizing the transport and commercialization of their products.

Implementation and improvement of irrigation infrastructure

We execute projects considering the long-term sustainability and always in partnership with local beneficiaries.

We bet on the improvement of infrastructures that will benefit farmers, increasing their crops and using the irrigation water in a sustainable manner.

Construction of Social Infrastructure

One of the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility is the respect to community organization.

Therefore, at Kallpa we prioritize as a social investment approach the financing for the construction of multipurpose communal places for decision-making processes that contribute to the development of each population, as well as workshops, training sessions and festivities.

Improvement of Health Infrastructure

We are allies in the search to improve population health indicators.

We work to enhance health infrastructure, such as: soup kitchen stoves, health centers, water pumping chambers, obstetrical centers, etc.