Work for Taxes

We contribute whit the social developmet by providing quality infrastructure.

We seek to provide optimal furniture, technological equipment and recreational spaces for the communities, implementing projects that generate job and supply opportunities.

Improvement of Infrastructure

We contribute with the improvement of infrastructure for a better development of communities.

This infrastructure has allowed the State to provide services through a group of entities that offer public services in the same place in order to provide the citizen with speed, trust, transparency and comfort. Likewise, for them to have reading environments, games and cinema thanks to multimedia-equipped rooms.

Improvement of Social Housing Associations

We worry for the quality of life of the communities near our operations.

Roads construction has not only increased the property value, but also reduced the transit time and the emission of dust, thanks to the construction of 12 thousand linear meters of asphalt layer, sidewalks and curbs, benefiting 1200 inhabitants.

Obstetrical center at Chilca Mother-Child Center

  • It enables the suitable care for deliveries in the district and care for pregnant women in the performance of psychoprophilaxis.